Self and Self Portraits

SELF AND SELF-PORTRAITS / collaboration Dr. Sarah Fdili Alaoui,
Alexa Mardon  /  School of Interactive Arts and Technology, SFU / 2013

In Self and Self-Portraits the movements of a performer produce sound through interaction with a digital soundscape and large-scale acoustic spatial instrument. Constructed in SFU’s Blackbox studio, this piece explores the tension between digital and tangible representations of self.

The dancer inhabits the acoustic and tangible instrument generating sounds that are captured in real-time and processed using granular synthesis to become a digital soundscape, a fragmented memory of the acoustic installation. This digital soundscape is also activated by the dancer through the use of motion-capture technology, allowing the dancer’s movements to generate sound textures. These representations become acoustic and digital self-portraits of the dancer to create an ambivalent duet between acoustic tangible space and fragmented digital memory.